Technical specifications

Site conditions:
The Motors will operate within a temperatur range of -15 to +50 degrees C at altitudes up to 1,000M above sea level at a relative humidity of 95%.
For higher ambient temperature and altitudes, please refer to the specification below.


Example: The permissible output of a motor rated at 30KW at the ambient temperature of 55 degrees C at the altitude of site of 2,500M over the sea level amounts to:
Permissible = 30 x 0.86 x 0.90 = 23KW

Standard motors for use on 3 phase 50 Hz, supply can be spot wound for either 380 volts or 400 volts. They are designed to operate within +/- 5% of the rated voltage.
Motors that require 60 Hz supply are available. Their rated speed will be increased by 20%.

Protection Degree
Standard motors are designed for IP54 and IP55 protection.

Insulation and temperature rise
Standard motors are manufactured to insulate Class B or F. Class H can also be supplied under request.

Motor housing
The housing are made from pressure cast aluminium alloy or cast iron with integral feet.
Factory will supply on customerīs request.
Frame sizes 132-355, the housing are made of cast iron and have integral feet.

Terminal boxes
Frame size Terminal box position
56 - 180 Top
200-355 Top or RH or LH side

Terminal boxes of frame sizes 56 -180 can be rotated in steps of 180 deg.
Terminal boxes of framw sizes 200-355 can be rotated in steps of 180 or 90 deg.

Rotor and shaft
Rotors are cast from aluminium and are dynamically balanced.
Motor shafts on frame sizes 90 and above have a drilled and tapped hole in the drive end.
Smaller frame size motors can be modified on request.

Motor of framw size 56-355 are equipped with ball bearings on both sides (I.e. DE and NDE).
The bearings for frame size 56-180 are sealed for life and therefore they are not provided with grease nipples.
They are designed to operate for approx. 10.000 hours for 2 pole motors and 20.000 hours for 4-8 pole motors.
It is then advisable to replace the bearings.

Frame size 200-280 are equipped with all bearings for heavy dufy operation or high axial load.

The motors are suface cooled.
Fans supplied on frame sizes 56-112 are made of plastic
Fans supplied on frame sizes 132-335 are made by either plastic or aluminium alloy or sheet metal.

Sound level
The DK series motora are characterized by the lower level of generated sounds design.
The corrected sound level Ld1(A) of the motors is defined as a pressure level, measured in the idle state of the motors in the distance of 1 M. from the motor outline.
In the table there are shown the average values of the sound level Ld1(A) of the motors in the basic version, defined in the idle state at supply with voltages of the frequency of 50Hz.

       The noise intensity data quoted above apply for design output, design voltage and 50 Hz with a tolerance of +3dB(A).